The Final TOE

--- Theory of Everything
Copyright © 1999 by Dr. Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

Many physicists and philosophers are dreaming for a final theory, but the current mainstream physics cannot answer many very simple questions, such as:

  1. How does biological life arise in terms of physics laws?
  2. How does intelligence arise in terms of physics laws?
  3. Where is tomorrow? How does today interact with tomorrow?
  4. If physics laws give rise to the entire universe, then how does arithmetic arise in terms of physics?
  5. How do physics laws arise by themselves?

Any theory (physics or philosophy) which cannot provide answers to those simple questions cannot be the Final Theory. Those who ignore this simple fact are simply going to become irrelevant.
Can, then, a Final Theory be constructed? The answer is Yes. TOE (Theory of Everything) must encompass at least three unifications.

  1. Unification of all physical forces (including the gravity).
  2. Unification of physics laws with life forces (intelligence, consciousness, soul, spirits, etc.).
  3. Unification of mortal (physics, biology, etc.) world with the immortal (mathematics, God, etc.) world.

In short, this book studies the Final Truth, the Ultimate Reality which includes (but not limited to) the following questions:

  • One, are laws of Life different from and independent of laws of physics? If not, then how to unify them?
  • Two, are laws of Creation different from and independent of laws of physics? If not, then how to unify them?
  • Three, are laws of Mathematics different from and independent of laws of physics? If not, then how to unify them?
  • Four, are laws of physics designed to create life (strong Anthropic principle)? Or, life is merely permitted by laws of physics (Weak Anthropic principle)?
  • Five, is there any other nature law above and beyond these four sets of law (Laws of Creation, of Physics, of Life, and of Mathematics)?

    Minimum Criteria for the Ultimate Correct Physics Theory

    In order to address this issue, we must first understand the Stand Model which answers many of the questions about the structure of the universe. We also must know those theories which were proposed to go Beyond the Standard Model. However, they are incomplete theories because they still can't fully answer the following questions.
    1. Why are there three generations of quarks and leptons?
    2. Are quarks and leptons really fundamental, or are they in turn made up of even more fundamental particles, such as, Prequarks?
    3. Why can't the Standard Model predict a particle's mass?
    4. How does electric charge arise?
    5. How will gravity fit into the Standard Model?
    6. According to our experiments, there should be equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe; but, why have we observed the Universe to be mostly made of matter? What and how is this symmetry breaking?
    7. Why there must be Constants of Nature? How do they arise? Why should they have the value as they are, not otherwise?
    8. What is the Initial Condition of the universe? How did it arise?
    9. Why does proton have incredible longer lifetime than the age of the universe?
    Any Ultimate Correct Physics Theory must fully answer the above questions. Furthermore, both Supersymmetry Theory and Superstring Theory (now, the M-Theory) successfully describe some attributes of nature, that is, the minimum Criteria of the ultimate correct physics theory must also include the ability of incorporating the concepts of these two theories.

    However, the full Criteria of the ultimate correct physics theory must include the ability to address the following issues:

    Volume I

    1. Constants of nature and their meanings --- Why are constants of nature needed? How do they arise? Why are they having the value as they are, not otherwise?
    2. The initial condition of universe --- What is there before the Big Bang?
    3. An overview of laws of life, physics, and mathematics --- The essence of the universe is that life did arise and that life has intelligence. This paper will provide an overview on how laws of life, of physics and of mathematics are related.
    4. Where is tomorrow? How does today interact with tomorrow? And how do the intrinsic spin and electric charge arise?
    5. The rise of gravity and electric charges --- Not only is the rise of Big Bang a non-causal event, but non-causality is a fact even today. When two parts of universe are outside of each other's event horizon, no causal connection is between them. Nonetheless, they are still parts of the whole. Since Planck constant (quantum theory) together with light speed (relativity) forms a causal world, they cannot be the power to unite these two causal-disconnected parts. Only a new gravity theory can give rise to a non-causal world.
    6. Prequark Chromodynamics --- Although life does obey physics laws after it has arisen, there is no way to give rise to life by physics laws while quarks are viewed as the rock bottom building blocks. The Prequark Chromodynamics together with John Conway's Game of Life give rise to biological life.
    7. The rise of biological life --- Any physics or philosophy which cannot give rise to biological life cannot be the final theory. Those who ignore this simple fact are simply become irrelevant.
    8. A new Epistemology --- the interplay between constructing a fictitious universe and an Occam's happy coincidence epistemology.
    9. Unification of physics and mathematics --- Not only mathematics simplifies the expressions of laws of physics, physics cannot be formulated without mathematics. One step further, a complete physics can be constructed solely from the demands of mathematics.
    10. Law of Creation --- Any theory of creation must resolve two issues:
      • How does the first principle arise?
      • How to create something from nothing?
    11. The Philosophical Meanings of Fermat's Last Theorem --- When Fermat's last theorem was unproven, it was very interesting. Once proven, it is no longer an interesting problem. For many, FLT was never fundamental or useful in any way. However, FLT points out many important concepts discussed in this book.
      • Indivisibility --- the concept of permanent confinement of numbers. Nature numbers are permanent entangled with (or confined to) the irrationals.
      • Corresponding principle --- number system is isomorphic to the laws of physics via the concept of colored numbers.
      By using these concepts, a simpler proof of FLT is given.

      Volume II

    12. The rise of intelligence
    13. The consciousness and intelligence of the universe
    14. The laws of self-organization --- All multicellular lives start out from a single cell. A topological cell can be given all possible characteristics. A complicated life form can be developed from this topological cell. Thus, the laws of life can be clearly understood and be unified with laws of physics and of mathematics.
    15. How did human brain make a quantum leap from its close relative, the chimpanzee's --- Only by truly knowing the human brain network structure, the meaning and the rise of intelligence, can this quantum leap process be understood.
    16. A model of human brain --- Today, neurobiologists study brain with a few methods, such as: microelectrode recording, neurosurgical procedures and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) to determine the regional specialization of brain. Reading text and listening to spoken word do cause the activation of some regions in the cerebral cortex, but the human brain is designed and capable of doing something much, much greater than those simple tasks. The only way to understand human brain completely is to know what brain's utmost capability is. If human brain is capable of understanding the Final Truth, then it must have a logical structure similar to the structure of Final Truth. Thus, only by knowing the structure of Final Truth first can the brain structure be understood. Again, topological neurons are much more flexible than real ones, and we can construct a brain model with topological neurons while this new brain is capable of understanding the Final Truth.
    17. Laws of behavior --- All lives have some sort of behavior, the higher the life form, the more complicated it's behavior. However, all those behaviors are part of nature phenomena, and they must obey the same laws (or a subset) of the Final Truth.
    18. The creation of the Godhead ----
      Volume III

    19. Taoism in the eyes of Modern Physicist --- A true TOE must not only answer the issues listed above, it should encompass all human wisdom, including the ancient philosophies and theologies. Although the TOE discussed above has no reference on Chinese philosophy in its deduction process, this paper shows that the ancient Chinese philosophy did reach exact the same conclusions as the TOE via a mysterious path almost 5,000 years ago.
    20. Laws of life in Taoism --- Laws of life in Taoism were not written in scientific language. When they were translated into mathematics language, they say exact the same things as the TOE. They point out the following very important concepts:
      • Life is a ball to donut transformation process
      • Not only is non-existent a reality but all existents depend upon it
      • Mutual immanence of arbitrariness and absoluteness

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