Prequark Chromodynamics

Copyright © 1992 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

III: Proton's stability and its decay mode

The greatest shortcoming of SU(5) (Grand Unified Theory) is the failure of its proton decay prediction. After 20 years observation, no single proton decay case was recorded. The low limit for the proton lifetime is now set at about 10^33 years, which is incredibly longer than the age of the universe.

It is good news that proton don't decay. Otherwise, lives would have difficulty remaining alive. But, why won't proton decay under the current condition? SU(5) (Grand Unified Theory) does not have an answer but the Prequark Model does.

Only by knowing the difference between an internal decaying process (such as the proton decay) from a spacetime vacuum energy induced decaying process (such as the neutron decay), the issue of proton's stability can be understood.

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